GCR Day at the Ballpark

They’re not going to invite us back.

Some of you may recall a post this past Easter about the snow fiasco at the Ballpark. Every year we host “Easter at the Ballpark,” a city-wide worship service at the AA Midlands Rockhounds ball park. And this year it snowed on Easter. The event was canceled, as was the game.

So to make up for it, the Rockhounds set up GCR Night this past Sunday night. We sold tickets at half price to our church. About 4:00, we started getting light rain.

We made it to the bottom of the 2nd inning and then the bottom dropped out. Noah showed up. I actually saw an ark in left field.

But I bought a hat!


  1. >I always knew that you brought trouble with you wherever you went.

  2. >I am so much trouble I scare red off candy. :)Followed closely by… I am so premillenial I won’t even eat post-toasties.

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