Facelift for Moyers Online

MoyersOnline.comThis past September of 2010, after much toil and a bit of frustration here and there, we opened our new online store, Moyers Online. Our main company, Moyers Group, has been in the AV Integration field for almost 3 decades. Over that time we’ve added many manufacturer lines to our catalog. We realized that we’ve been holding all that product goodness in reserve for our¬†install¬†company. We created Moyers Online to correct that.

This led to the decision to open the online store and make over 10,000 items available to everyone. Version 1 of our store was hosted by a great webfront store company called Shopify. I would highly recommend them for entry-level and smaller shops. They were very helpful and did a fabulous job setting us up and getting us going. Unfortunately, with our multitude of lines, we found ourself outgrowing their services too quickly.

From there, we began work on Version 2 of our site. We purchased an excellent shopping cart software from Interspire. It was almost like starting from scratch, but the effort has been worth it.

Run by and take a look. And if you happen to be reading this in the first 2 weeks of March 2011 and you purchase something, use the code “marchmadness” at checkout for a discount.

Hope you like the new look. I think it works well and the store is much easier to navigate.

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