Beatbox Madness

Beatboxing has been around for a while. Many people think we were one of the first to introduce the concept, but it’s been around much longer than Acappella or AVB. The streets of New York and Philadelphia were rocking to the vocal beat for years before mainstream music adopted it. Today’s young artists are pushing it even further. Witness the following:

Kevin Olusola is the amazing beatbox master for the Show-Off winning group Pentatonix. Not many people realize that he was a member of the Contemporary Christian group Gungor (remember the song “Beautiful Things?). They were opening for David Crowder Band while the Sing-Off was airing. Anyway… Kevin was the beatboxing cellist. Watch this and be amazed:

But wait! There’s more! Ever heard of Annie Wu? Neither had I.

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Food for Thought: Is Our Food Killing Us?

I ran across this video from TEDx Austin of Robyn O’Brien. She spoke on the state of the food industry in the U.S. with emphasis on the additives and the connection to food allergies. It is pretty sobering.

One thing that really struck me was the information on milk additives. As you’ll hear, the milk industry made some sweeping changes in 2004… which coincidentally (?) is the same year my wife developed an allergy to dairy products.

This video is just short of 20 minutes, but well worth the time. Pull up a chair, get comfortable and watch.

Cello Wars

Water from the Well

In 1989, we (Acappella) released the album Growing Up in the Lord. It was originally intended to be a children’s album, but as the production continued it became clear to us that it would be much more. Consequently, it ended up somewhat of a hybrid (in my opinion). Not to say that it was a poor album… far from it. It remains a favorite of many people, even though I believe it is out of print.

One of the lasting favorite songs from the album is the song Water from the Well. It featured a solo by Keith’s daughter, Kimberly. She did a great job on it, especially at the tender age of 5 (I think). As the tour began (actually, it never ended… but that’s another story) we started adding songs from the album to the concert set. Water from the Well seemed a natural addition.

The trouble was, how do we handle the kid’s solo part? Wayburn’s oldest son, Brent, could handle it and he toured with us, as did all the families. We decided to take it just a little bigger. If you saw our concert during this time period, you know what I’m talking about. 30 minutes into the 1st set, we just paused everything and invited all the kids ages 3 through the 3rd grade up to the stage to sing this song with us.

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Uke Boy

Ok, my son sent me this and it’s amazing. When I found it, it had 36,663,754 views on YouTube. In 10 years, this kid will either be ridiculously famous, or suing his parents for putting it online.

Church Presentation Software

This looks interesting. We’ll see how it turns out, but it could be really nice for churches like ours with multiple leaders and people in the prep process…

UPDATE: We are currently using this at Broadway Church of Christ. Very nice…

Merry Christmas from Studio 84

Here’s a fun little video we put together at the Studio. I ran around the office with a digital recorder and sampled all the sounds. Then I put together a midi sequence using all the sounds. After that, Stuart, our head video guru, went to work filming all the sounds and all the staff. Put it together and what have you got? Merry Christmas from Studio 84!

City of Black and White

Our head video engineer, Stuart Blalock, put this video together. He shot a ton of aerial footage over Lubbock. While editing, he started messing around with the colors and Matt Kearney’s song came to mind. This is the result.

Shut De Do – Exappella

Here’s another song from the Boys Ranch Telethon. We had rehearsed several songs for the show, one of which was Everybody Said. At this point, we were going to sing Shut De Do. My intro confused Kevin and he started the wrong song. Some things never change.

I refer to my ability to confuse Kevin, not his starting the wrong song.

Hush – Exappella

Here’s a clip of the four of us, me, Duane Adams, Kevin Schaffer and Gary Evans, singing “Hush” for the Texas Boys Ranch Telethon.