Microshaft Hat Pt.2

You may have seen one of my earlier posts entitled “Microshaft Hat.” I’m not supposed to hate anyone, so hat is one letter short. Anyway, I’d sworn to myself that I was not going to buy another Windows machine. I have a Mac Pro at my office and I love it.

And then my son’s computer went on the fritz. Yes, it was running XP, but it was also glitchy when dual booted with Kubuntu. It’s a 7 year old white box so it was time. I wanted to give him my computer and get me a Mac. But the money was just not there yet. I can’t drop a grand or so.

Then I found a good deal ($330) on an Emachine at Best Buy. Running Vista of all things. I had to have something since school starts soon and my son needs a computer for his work. So, he got my 10 month old Dell and I am writing this from a new Vista Emachine.


Now I need to start saving money for a Macbook. Everyone needs a laptop. Right? I need to start working on an angle to justify that one…

Microshaft Hat

I know I’m a Christian and not supposed to hate. But I’m getting very close. So let me just say that I hat Microsoft. Hat is not quite like hate. Almost but not quite. 75% of the way to hate. Just hat.

It seems every time I turn around I am running into problems with something Microshaft related. I have a new Dell (six months old). It’s already giving me the blue screen of death every other time I use it. Ashley has a new-to-her computer. It’s not that old. Pretty respectable specs. I even installed a new version of XP on it less than 2 weeks ago. It’s already acting up.

Austin’s computer is my old one from Paris. It was a humdinger then. It’s a lower midline now. Windows was giving me such fits, I installed a new hard drive and put Linux on it. So now we get a choice on boot up. I had to do that because I definitely hat Microshaft.

I have made the switch at work. My new computer is the top of the line MacPro with all the bells and whistles. You know what gives me the most troubles on it? Microshaft Office for Mac. And now the Russians have reported a major hole in Vista. Big surprise there. Oh, let me install that on something. It’s bound to be better.

Hat. Definitely hat.

Logos (art or Word?)

Sorry… art.

One of my duties in this post-worship leader world is graphic arts. The new church, Christ Point Church, needed a new logo so they can get going on signs, brochures, and stuff. Several people, including me, submitted ideas. The staff got together and did the brainstorm thing and asked me to merge two of the ideas with a few corrections.

So here is the first draft with an actual plan behind it.

The idea is to use multi-color, but nothing that will slap you in the face. It needs to present a modern feel (ala “ChristPoint”) and still retain the traditional touch (ala “Church”). They wanted an arrow pointing upward since the tag line (I think) is “Christ is the Point.” So the arrow points up, but first it creates a foundation for the whole graphic. And the word “Christ” sits on the foundation. Imagery, imagery, imagery.

By the way, it is very hard to type “imagery” three times in a row and not make a mistake.

Worship Center Refit

I am flying back to Midland this Sunday afternoon. If you’ve read any of this blog, you may have caught the fact that I filled in for Kevin Riggs as worship leader last weekend at Golf Course Rd Church of Christ in Midland. It was a wonderful experience.

Golf Course is going through a building program called “Kingdom Now.” They are adding an entire new state-of-the-art children’s building. Along with that, they have dedicated $2 million for a refit of their worship center.

Kevin Callahan of Callahan Studios is coming down for a day long retreat. He specializes in creating worship spaces that reflect an “ancient future” feel. Many churches are shooting for the concert hall approach. Callahan Studios approach the whole thing very differently. Read through their site and see what I mean.

Anyway, I have been invited to attend the meeting. Sort of an outside viewpoint, so to speak. I am looking forward to it.

Google Earth

I’ve spent a majority of my time online in the past two weeks either looking for job opportunities or searching for real estate. Most of the real estate sites generally include a map feature with their listing, and I’ve been using them.

Recently, I listening to a local tech-talk show on the radio and they were singing the praises of Google Earth. I decided to give it a try. WOW! This is an amazing program. It allows you to zoom in (from space, mind you) to any address you list. You can even tilt and rotate the axis of view 360 degrees.

Want to fly around the Eiffel Tower? Big Ben in London? The Grand Canyon? All of these are open for viewing on Google Earth. Or you can do something as simple as look at your backyard. For the fun of it, I started at my house and navigated the 15 minute drive to my children’s school using the direction buttons. It was liking driving to school watching myself from above.

There’s another program that I also downloaded called Google Sketchup. This allows you to create 3-D models of anything you’d like. You can then print them, export them for use in other programs, or even import it into Google Earth to give your home or office a 3-D presence. I haven’t dug into it yet, but it looks great.

I plan on making a model of our house, and then trying different colors on the outside to see what looks best so we can paint. A little curb appeal goes a long way!