Book Review: Latter-Day Cipher

I have decided that maybe it’s better to read books by authors you do not personally know. This is no judgement against the book Latter-Day Cipher. As a matter of fact, I really like the book, but more on that in a moment.

I’ve known the author, Latayne Scott, for many years. I’ve read some of her other works and sat in seminars under her leadership and teaching. She is one of the few people I’ve met that I would consider brilliant. Her depth of theological understanding and her ability to present subjects in a clear and understandable manner are highly developed. She has a great sense of humor which, in my experience, runs on the dry and slightly sarcastic side. It’s a joy to be around her.

Which is why it took me completely by surprise when the opening paragraphs of Latter-Day Cipher graphically present the first in a series of serial murders. It made me wonder if I had the right book. I did. And I’m glad. As I write this, I am slightly over halfway through the novel. You are safe from spoilers.

As a novelist, it seems to me that Latayne has a unique style, at least when coupled with this genre. Her flowing language and use of metaphorical imagery create a striking contrast to the topic at hand. Oftentimes, her poetic description of events make them seem all the more horrific.

Latter-Day Cipher flows well. Characters are introduced and fleshed out at a pleasing pace. Events roll along without getting bogged down. The story is well constructed. You won’t fall asleep reading this, unless you take medicine and read it when you go to bed, as do I. But that’s not the fault of the book. That’s the fault of restless leg syndrome.

The story is very compelling and engaging, but what really impresses me is the way she presents truth in an apologetical wrapper. Latayne draws on her extensive history and understanding of the Mormon culture and weaves its secrets into an astounding tapestry. The truths of Christianity shine when compared with the falsehoods embraced by the Mormons of Latter-Day Cipher, and the Mormons of the world.

As I said, I have not completed the book. I look forward to finishing the journey, and I highly recommend you take it as well. Latter-Day Cipher by Latayne C. Scott. Best murder mystery I’ve ever read by someone I actually know.


  1. >Surprised you, did I? I loved your review, mainly because I caught you off guard! And I'm so glad you're learning from — and enjoying it!Yours and His,

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