Beatbox Madness

Beatboxing has been around for a while. Many people think we were one of the first to introduce the concept, but it’s been around much longer than Acappella or AVB. The streets of New York and Philadelphia were rocking to the vocal beat for years before mainstream music adopted it. Today’s young artists are pushing it even further. Witness the following:

Kevin Olusola is the amazing beatbox master for the Show-Off winning group Pentatonix. Not many people realize that he was a member of the Contemporary Christian group Gungor (remember the song “Beautiful Things?). They were opening for David Crowder Band while the Sing-Off was airing. Anyway… Kevin was the beatboxing cellist. Watch this and be amazed:

But wait! There’s more! Ever heard of Annie Wu? Neither had I.

Annie is a 15-year old girl (or at least she was when this was filmed) who plays flute and drops a beat. Watch her here as she… plays?

Know of anyone else combining two arts? Beatboxing and what? Violin? Didgeridoo? Leave me a link.

Oh.. and just for the fun of it, here’s a video that has nothing to do with beatboxing or instruments. It’s a comedy rap. Saudis in Audis. Hilarious!


  1. Wow. Just wow. Annie Wu’s talent is incredible! It is better than one of our girls who can play two recorders at once…with her nose!

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