Ashley & the Talent Show

Ash really wanted to be in the talent show at Midland Christian this year. She kept jumping back and forth on what she wanted to do… sing, play, what song, etc. The night before the show, 90 minutes from rehearsal, she still had not settled on what she was doing. I was concerned, being the stupid perfectionist that I am. So I made her try out for me. Afterwards, I made a small suggestion. She loves doing remixes on Acid (the program, not the drug). Why not do a remix of the song she really wanted to do? Her mind went to work and you can now see Ashley performing Bella’s Lullaby from the movie Twilight… techno.


  1. >Wow!That was reallycool

  2. >She did a fantastic job. Can’t believe how big our kids are getting. Jake got his drivers permit today.

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