ArrangingMusic Arranging
I remember in college when I first began arranging music. I did 20 or 30 arrangements by following all the music theory rules I knew and matched those to the melody and the chord progression. The first time I ever really heard the arrangement was when it was rehearsed the first time, at which point I went back and made corrections. Everyone seemed to like them. Now I cringe thinking about that music.

These days, it’s a bit different. I hear the arrangement long before it goes on paper… or Finale (or MuseScore) in this case. It took years of to get to this point, but it was worth it all. Now I have the ability to bring something to the table that many arrangers do not have. I begin with the end in mind, and I’ve had enough experience that I can arrange a piece so that it fits the group it is intended for. No generic arrangements. I can make it work for what you have.

If your ensemble needs a song arranged, or if you need to create a fresh sound, let’s talk. Drop me an email, or give me a call at 806-853-7744.


Transposition: Simply taking a piece of music and putting it in a different key. Especially valuable for soloists.

Transcription: You have a recording and no sheet music. Transcription is putting the recording on paper, whether one voice/instrument or multiple.

Lead Sheets: Melody, lyrics and chord changes. Valuable for instrumentalists, soloists and bands. I produced these from scratch on a weekly basis as a worship leader. Lead sheets can be produced for any type of song.

Small Ensemble Arrangements: I can produce arrangements of songs for 3-5 instruments especially string based ensembles.

Small Vocal Ensemble: Quartets, octets, mixed voices… any song, any combination, any skill level.

Choral Arrangements: Large choral arrangements of any song with up to 8 parts.

Guitar Charts: Arrangements of songs inclusive of guitar chords and details specific to guitarist. More detailed than the average free download.

Miscellaneous Arrangements: You may have needs other than what is listed here. Contact me and we can discuss your arranging needs.