Acappella Memories: The Original Well on my Way

Well on my WayAt this past Acafest in the summer of 2012, many of the members of Acappella gathered to share stories of the past with the attendees. George Pendergrass shared a great story of a particularly stressful time in the ministry – the departure of Rodney Britt. It’s a wonderful story that I will probably post in the future. As he finished telling the tale, I jumped in with another anecdote about how Keith writes.

Many people have heard Well on my Way in concert. If you’ve seen Acappella, you’ve heard it. It’s been a concert ender since I was a member and I think they still do it. Remember that song where everyone claps once on the 4th beat of each line of the chorus? That’s the one. Well, here’s what I shared about the birth of that song.


  1. troy campbell says

    I love these snipets of the round table talk with the singers.
    Can you post the whole thing somehow please?
    This stuff is very cool.
    Thank you

    • garymoyers says

      Troy, the recording I have was not so good for the whole thing. It was just my iPhone sitting on the arm of my chair. It didn’t pick up George so well. I’ll post what I can. Thanks!

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