A-Hunting We Will Go

Read the title and think Elmer Fudd. Memories, huh?

We took a big step yesterday. I took my son hunting for the first time. Dove season opened yesterday so Alan Gower and I and our boys went out to his dove lease. Austin has been a big BB-gun and airsoft gun person for a while. I figured he could handle it. I asked if he wanted to come along and he jumped on it.

I never had the chance to hunt with my father. He wasn’t really a hunter. But after spending 15 years in Tennessee, I saw how important it was for a father and son to bond over a hunt. So I grabbed a little 410 shotgun and ran him through the basics of gun care and safety. He only fired accidentally once. Not bad for a first time. Thankfully, he had the gun pointed into the dirt pile in front of us, which is what I told him to do. He learned a lesson quickly.

Anyway, neither of us hit anything. We went out in the middle of the afternoon to avoid crowds and make it easier on the kids, but nothing was flying. Still, we had a good time.

My son is hunter. Cool.

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