A Daughter in High School

This is one of those times where you feel a little bit old. Do any of you out there remember the song I wrote in 1993 called “Rockin’ Song?” Sherri was expecting a child, our first. I was co-producing the new Acappella Lullabies album and I wanted to write a song about my little girl that was on the way. The song turned out to be a favorite of many people and Ashley turned out to be my favorite daughter. 🙂

Anyway, she was born the week of the big ice storm in Tennessee, the 2nd week of February, 1994. We had to actually schedule the delivery so I could be home… February 14. The morning of the 12th we wake up and hear shotgun blasts outside. At least, we thought it was guns.

Turns out, the ice was so thick it was breaking off big limbs from the trees. I’m talking the big ones… the limbs that could be trees themselves. By 8:00 AM the power was gone. Gone over most of Tennessee. We’re laying in bed wondering how much damage there is, how we’re going to get around, how to deliver a baby in 48 hours, and how to cook with an electric stove and no power.

Between convenience stores with gas stoves (the Tackle Box), friends with pot-bellied stoves (Larry Sparks) and generators at the hospital, Ashley was born into an ice storm on Feb. 14, 1994.

Fourteen years later, my little Rockin’ Song girl is going to High School and wearing formals. I’m very proud of her, but I miss the days when we had our own language and could talk for hours without saying one intelligible word. Life goes on.

Lord please bless my daughter so that she may grow strong in Your word.


  1. >WOW! That all seems like it was just yesterday. How time flies. Ashley is beautiful and I know with you and Sherry as parents, she will grow in Lord.And by the way, you ARE old!

  2. >Its hard to believe that both Ashley and Jacob will be starting high school in the fall. I remember so well the day that Ashley was born. I also remember the ice storm. High school–I don’t think I’m ready.

  3. >Ashley in a mission trip. When I read that, I was wondering: how can he sent her baby daughter to Mexico? How I read she’s going to high school. Wow. “and time… goes by… so slowly”Well, not so slowly, I guess!

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