48 Days

I recently read a book called 48 Days to the Work You Love. I loved the premise of the book. One of the things it stressed was the concept of not relying on one job. Why not create several income streams based on the things you enjoy and the things you do well. Then you could work for yourself. If there’s a problem, fire yourself and try something else.

Something like that would be another step of faith, but many others have taken this path. Jerome Williams come to mind immediately, and those of you who know him would agree. So I began thinking about what combined income streams I could pull off, do well, and honor God by doing it?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Booking Agent – I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with groups and events. I know what’s expected and what it takes. Might I be able to contract several groups and do my own booking thing?

2. Event Videographer – I’m already doing some of this. Last year I did all the video for Midland Christian’s elementary school programs, and then sold the videos of the event to the families. It was a no-brainer kind of thing. Could I expand to other schools and events as well?

3. Wedding Videographer – I have one wedding under my belt and another coming up. I already have the equipment that I bought for the event stuff. And there’s always a market for weddings.

4. Website Design – I’ve done many sites for many people. All of them free to this point. Maybe I could contact the small businesses out there who have no web presence, or a bad one. I can do it quick and cheap and nice.

5. Arranging and songwriting – Long term income. But I definitely have experience.

6. Worship Leading – Why not make myself available for worship leading at special events for other churches and organizations?

I need some wisdom. You’re reading this. What do you think? Please leave a comment or drop me an email. I’d love to get some input. There is wisdom in the council of many, especially if the many happen to be tuned into God’s frequency.

Oh, and happy Independence Day.


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